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Vintage Pictures

Vincenzo "Zulido" Aiello, Alaska


Vince Aiello with his first hunting dog "Champ" and with "Golden Gismo"


Vince Aiello

Mary (Aiello) Lucido ( Vince's sister), Vince Aiello, and Cristina (Aiello) Davis (Vince's sister)

Vince & Mary

Red River Lumber Company, Westwood


Mountain Lion Hunter, Trinity County 1940's


Mountain Lion Hunter, Trinity County 1940's


Vince Aiello (Vince's uncle), Antioch, CA - 1947

Senator Luther Gibson Duck Club, Cordelia, CA  - 1967

Market Hunters Lowe Duck Club, Willows, CA - 1915

Mastin Geese, Original Photos

Duck Season, Early 1950's Sacramento Delta
Phil Aiello, Pete Mutulo, Sal Mutulo, Joe Allioti, and Russ Mutulo

Nevada, Early 1960's
Russ Mutulo, Phil Aiello, Sal Mutulo, Phil Mutulo, Rozz Cardinalli

Sal Mutulo and Leonard Di Agostino

Bill Richards Suisun Marsh, early 1900's

Ken Morrish, Tomales Bay, CA sculling for Brant 1955

John Merchant Dr. Lyman & son,1950's

Jack Merchant, Suisun Marsh 1950's

Jack Merchant, Suisun 1930's

Jack Merchant, Berkeley, CA  1920's

Martin Humphrey's Ark, El Sobrante Cove, CA  1940's

William Delcalso, Sobrante Cove, CA  1940's

Martin Humphrey with William Delcalso, Striper Fishing, Sobrante Cove, CA 

Martin Humphrey Decoys, Sobrante Cove, CA  1940's

Unknown Market Hunter, Colusa, CA  Pre 1918

Unknown Hunter, Friend of Dats Davis, Sherman Island, CA  1940's

Dats Davis, Sherman Island, CA  1930's

Dats Davis Pheasant Hunting
The dog saw it, but not Dats.

Photo from Frank Vitale, Pittsburg Harbor (California)

Photo from Frank Vitale (unknown location)

Photo from Frank Vitale (unknown location)

Vitale Family, Pittsburg Harbor, Pittsburg, CA  1940's

Hunters from San Francisco, 1940's

Hunters from San Francisco, 1940's

Hunters from San Francisco, 1940's

Vallejo Spiegel Sporting Goods owner & friends, unknown location 1930's

Spiegel's Sporting Goods, Vallejo, CA  1920's

Unknown Hunters, Tule Lake, CA  1949

Modoc County, CA  1930's

Ed Snyder, Grizzly Island, CA  1954
73 Sprigs, Statute of Limitations are up

Peter Gasser, Colusa, CA 1930's

Jerry Mastin, Oregon (date unknown)


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